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Smart in black

Discover our assortment in black

Our black assortment

Elegant in design and featuring the well-proven functions

Functionality and aesthetical design are complementary. Our new assortment 55 in black is elegant in design and appearance whilst relying on the trustworthy functionality of the MDT assortment in white. Tailored for interior design, offerings you more variety in decorative sensors making colour a question of style for you.

The new MDT assortment of black Push-buttons tailor fits to switch ranges of leading manufacturers, e.g., Gira E2, Berker B3 & B7, Jung A550 or Merten M-Pure.

Product overview

Learn more about the functionality of each product of our black assortment:

Our assortment 55

Push-button Smart

The Push-button Smart 55 is equipped with 4 mechanical buttons and an active colour display. Free text and symbols can be set for each button and function. Via the innovative group control, different scenes or functions can be activatedby a long or extra-long push of a button. The Push-button is available with or without a temperature/humidity sensor.

Shutter Push-button Smart 55

The shutter Push-button Smart 55 was developed especially for controlling shutters and blinds. For this purpose, the push-button has 4 mechanical buttons, an active colour display and an integrated timer. Via the active colour display, among other things, the shading status as well as messages such as wind alarm can be seen at a first glance. In addition to the daily/weekly/astronomical switching function, the integrated timer also has an automatic public holiday calculator.

Motion Detector/ Automatic Detector 55

The Motion Detector/ Automatic Detector 55 is equipped with 2 pyro detectors and a darkened high resolution lens. The detector recognises movement and the direction of movement. The activation sensitivity for day/night/presence can be individually set. The motion detector 55 is available with and without an integrated temperature sensor. The detector with temperature sensor, has two sensor buttons for selectable functions.

Push-button Lite 55

The Push-button Lite is available in variations of one, two, or four gangs, each equipped with two LEDs per button pair. The LEDs are adjustable in colour and the brightness can also be controlled via the day/night or brightness object. Individual functions or scenes can be activated via a long / extra-long button press. Via the multiple tap function, the Push-button can send up to 4 values /DPTs to the same or different objects.

Push-button Lite 55 Basic

The Push-button Lite 55 Basic has vertically arranged buttons that can be used as a single or as a pair of buttons (two gang). Utilised where specific functions are required, it can switch, dim and operate shutters/blinds and scenes. Via the multiple touch function, the push-button can send up to 4 values /DPTs to the same or different objects.

Room Temperature Controller Smart 55

The Room Temperature Controller Smart 55 ensures cosiness in the room with the correct comfort temperature. The colour display shows functions and status of, e.g., the set and actual temperature. The Room Temperature Controller is suitable for indoor rooms and measures in the range of -10 °C to +50 °C. Additional potential-free contacts, such as conventional Push-buttons, switches, window contacts, can be connected to the four binary inputs.

Object Controller 55

The MDT Object Controller 55 with integrated temperature and humidity sensor is used for controlling the temperature. The comfort range of the room climate is defined using Min / Max values when parameterising the object controller. Switch actuators / heating actuators can be controlled by the object controller along with thermal actuators or motorised KNX actuator.

Room Temperature / Humidity Sensor 55

The Room Temperature/ Humidity Sensor 55 for indoor rooms reports temperature and humidity values to the KNX fleet command. It measures in the range of -10°C to +50°C and can be equipped with min and max. limit values. If these limit values are exceeded or undercut, a signal for leaving the comfort zone is sent. The dew point is calculated automatically by the humidity sensor.

Our Glass Push-buttons

Glass Push-button II Smart | series.02

The Glass Push-button II Smart is distinguishes by clear, slim lines and modern icons. In standby mode up to six values can be displayed simultaneously on the large active colour display. Various scene groups can be set up in the push-button via the group control and up to 3 functions can be assigned to each button. Among other things, the glass push-button has an extended slap function and a mapping function. In addition to switching on/off, dimming, shutters, values or scenes may be activated via the slap function. The mapping function significantly simplifies button programming and reprogramming. The glass push-button II Smart is available with or without an integrated temperature sensor.

Glass Push-button II Lite

The Glass Push-button II Light is available in white or black glass in one, two, or four gang variations, which can be used as a single button or as a pair of buttons. Each sensor area is equipped with LEDs where the colour can be selected. The brightness of the LEDs can be controlled via a day/night or brightness object. In addition to switching, dimming, blinds, scenes or sending values, the push-button also has a so called slap function.

Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart

The Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart ensures a rooms cosiness temperature in heating or cooling operation. The colour display highlights the set and actual temperature and the operational status, standby, at home, absent etc. Manual adjustment of the set point temperature and fan speed in heating and cooling mode. The automatic setpoint adjustment can be influenced by the lux value and or outside temperature measured by of the weather station, ensuring efficient use of energy. 

Glass Central Operation Unit Smart

The Central Operation Unit Smart combines a large number of functions in one device and serves as a central control unit for your smart home. All functions can be operated intuitively and conveniently using the 6 sensor surfaces. The large active colour display clearly shows the indoor/outdoor temperature, temperature setpoints, date/time, sunrise/sunset, text and alarm messages. The menu function can be used, for example, to set the comfort temperature for all rooms individually or to activate automatic shading. The integrated astro timer automatically raises the blinds in the morning and lowers them again after sunset. Up to twenty other functions can be controlled via the menu and/or timer.

Glass LED Indicator

The Glass LED Indicator is used to visualise building functions. The twelve independent indication LEDs indicate the status of up to twelve monitored KNX group addresses. As an example, windows, doors, if open or closed. Monitoring of the power supply for an important water pump, highlighting the status of the pump with a different colour green/red. A consolidation of a group of addresses to be indicated over one LED can be implemented using the integrated logic function.

Glass Push-button Plus

The Glass Push-button Plus is available with four and eight sensor areas as well as with and without a temperature sensor. The sensor areas can be parameterised as a pair of buttons (two areas) or as individual buttons. The buttons can be customised using a labelling foil. Each sensor surface has a white/red LED, the brightness of which can be set in 5 levels via a day/night object.

Our Presence Detectors

Presence detector

For stylish presence detection, the MDT ceiling presence detectors are also available in black finish to complement the black MDT assortment. In black, the detectors also have the known variety of functions and products that KNX users are already familiar with from the white assortment.

Combi-Presence detector 360°

In addition to the 3 sensors for presence detection, the passive infrared presence detector is equipped with additional room climate sensors. The detector not only ensures a reliable 360° presence detection, monitoring of the CO2 and VOC mixed gas concentration it also measures the temperature and humidity in a respective room.

Push-button Smart 86

Push-button Smart 86

In black, the Smart 86 push-button maintains the recognised functions. The six ergonomically formed mechanical buttons can be used to activate up to 12 functions additionally complemented with the “Slap function” The individual symbols and texts for labelling the functions in colour on the display, harmonise with the matt black finish.

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